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Rated 5. I bought 2 kits tested myself 6 weeks as recommended intially then 3 months, I am HIV negative.

99.9% accuracy with 100% sensitivity. see our hiv kit in action.

Delivery is fast about 2 days only to Lucena City and the customer support is great. I never tried the free counseling though because I am really nervous even if its via Phone only, kinakabahan parin ako tutal negative naman so I do not think there is any issues but I heard wonderful feedback to your counseling team specially Mr. Markie and Nathan. I was referred to your site by a friend of mine that also bought your kit. It was so in demand and successful that we already placed it as a mainstream treatment in our services menu and we call it "Slimming Massage".

We have this one customer that lost half an inch at the waist just after just one session of using your rencontre flers en escrebieux.

It was really rencontre flers en rencontre flers en escrebieux and unbelievable.

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I first tested August 18 using your hiv kit and I was positive, I was supposed to repeat it again but your counselor said that it will be useless as I will test positive again once I had a positive result so he referred me to RITM for confirmation and I was indeed positive. I do not know if I got it from the incident last June 3 or earlier than that but I have rencontre flers en escrebieux symptoms whatsoever that is why I am so thankful that I was able to find your site when I was googling HIV test kit in the Philippines.

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Your counselors are very helpful. I have to admit I am suicidal already since testing positive but a call to your counselor really made me think twice.

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I was referred to a local support groups and they are very nice people. I think one of the reasons why a newly diagnosed person commits suicide is because they don't know where to find help. Even if I am not engaging myself in risky behaviors, I see to it na I get tested every 6 months just to be sure.

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Maybe I'm paranoid but it is very important to get tested talaga. Hassle lang dito may kamahalan ang HIV tests around 1, and pupunta ka pa ng hospital.

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Ang masama pa pag sinabi mong HIV test medyo nakakahiya hindi mo alam kung ano iniisip nung mga taga hospital kaya I tend to test myself at home using your kit femme tatouée rencontres walang ganong hassle. I followed the instructions carefully and in about 2 minutes makikita mo na yung linya and thank god na negative ako.

Kinabahan ako because of having sex casually na walang protection, hindi na mauulit nakaka trauma pala, Imagine, I waited 3 months atleast na walang sex to make sure na hindi ako nahawa.

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Kudos sa counselor ko na si Markie napaka bait and helpful and tinuruan nya ako kung paano mag test step by step with matching advice with regards to safe sex.

Parating inaadvice nila absitenence if hindi kaya condom, rencontre flers en escrebieux, I am happy na negative ako para akong nabunutan ng tinik. My experience was bad, walang counseling na nangyari. Pumila ako for HIV test ng umaga after my flight from Cebu.

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They just texted me via phone na positive ako after that never heard from them. I was feeling suicidal that time and was googling information about HIV and I came upon your website. I did not purchase your kit but your staff rencontre flers en escrebieux me free counseling and after that counseling, I really felt better and was not anymore suicidal.

rencontre flers en escrebieux

Tan and I really felt so good realizing na being HIV positive is not the end. Rencontre flers en escrebieux am now taking meds and I really thank this website.


You are one of the reason why I manage to continue fighting. I opted international referral and the doctors in Thailand are the nicest!

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I am getting the best medication for very low price which is Atripla and I am undetectable after 2 months of therapy. I thought being HIV positive is a death sentence but the Thai doctors said having diabetes is much worse than having an HIV which is now a manageable disease.