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I have used Meetic per period for ten years, it was time that I wanted to test the affinity dating website of Meetic called Meetic Affinity.

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First of all, this website is pretty well done, sometimes simplistic but effective, it is very responsive, it makes a change from that of Be2 which I find particularly ugly. As for the affinity test I completed during the registration, it is fairly complete.

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I preferred that of the PlentyOfFish online dating site free of charge for men and women with the exception of a few features. When I wanted to try again the next day, the same interface has detected my plugin but it started to flash, it was unusable.

Affiny : le nouveau Meetic spécial cadre sup’ ?

This is not too serious since the first picture of my profile on Meetic was automatically added into my profile on Meetic Affinity. Vous pouvez trouver les tarifs ci-dessous. As usual, when I arrived, I received a lot of visits even before I subscribed. In my case, I wanted to do it from the beginning of my subscription and if I had one that, I would have paid a month for nothing. I find this sytem very unfair and vicious because the end user can lose what he has already paid whereas he just wants to control his spendings and not end up with unexpected withdrawals.

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You can find the rates below. This affinity dating website has the same defect than the others of the same kind, it is very dehumanized, the affinity rate and some information age, occupation, city, region, hair color, eye color, size, silhouette, main hobbies are highlighted in a summary form in lists but there is no picture as a thumbnail except for the suggested profile on the main page as you can see below.

Par Micka le 6 juillet Pour faire une rencontre amoureuse sur internet, certains laissent faire le hasard. Est-ce un digne successeur de son aîné?

Here is an overview of a list of visits. Where is the interest of receiving five visits of a member who is not interested in me and vice versa just because neither she nor I remember from each another?

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To summarize, the pictures are not displayed in the list of profiles, they are only visible within these as you can see below my photo is blackened and some elements are blurred, this is just to illustrate my point. Mon ancien profil sur Meetic Affinity My previous profile on Meetic Affinity Les annonces sont mal affichées, il est difficile voire impossible de faire des paragraphes, tout est mis en vrac.

Néanmoins, je reconnais que les annonces sont très vite validées… partiellement par des systèmes semi-automatiques pas très futés comme sur Meetic car certaines femmes arrivent à poster leurs pseudonymes Skype ou Instagram en rusant un avis site de rencontre meetic affinity peu.

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The texts are wrongly displayed, it is difficult or impossible to make paragraphs, everything is in a jumble. As they answer a lot of questions in the affinity test, many tend not to write any text.

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However, I agree that the texts are quickly validated … partially by semi-automatic systems not very smart like on Meetic because some women can post their Skype or Instagram pseudonyms by using cunning a little bit.

Cette fonctionnalité est disponible depuis très longtemps sur Amoureux. Toutefois, cela rend ce site de rencontres encore plus pénible à utiliser et frustrant.

Je me suis inscrit trois mois, une promotion que je ne voulais pas laisser passer. N'étant pas inscrit sur Meetic, j'ai trouvé sympathique le test de personnalité sous forme de questionnaire, cela m'avait l'air moins hasardeux que meetic et plus sérieux. Une fois le questionnaire rempli, le logiciel fait le tri et vous met en relation avec des gens ayant des affinités avec vous. Vous pouvez rentrer en contact avec eux grâce à une messagerie interne au avis site de rencontre meetic affinity. C'était ma première inscription sur une site de rencontre en ligne.

The number of pictures is shown in the overview of the profile in the lists. A member may choose not to make public its own ones, each is shown blurred by default, they are then revealed without blurring on request.

This feature is available for a very long time on Amoureux.

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However, it makes this dating website even more difficult to use and frustrating. Moreover, I fear that this feature is used by dishonest people unfaithful people, usurpers, …. Toutefois, peu de membres se connectent régulièrement. I noticed that there are many more profiles with photos on Meetic Affinity than on Be2 and Amoureux. Moreover, Meetic Affinity seems to have more members in my age and in my area that the two competitors that I just mentioned but much less than Meetic and AdoptAGuy.

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However, few members connect regularly. Ainsi, il est impossible de ne pas afficher les profils sans photo avis site de rencontre meetic affinity sans annonce comme vous pouvez le voir ci-dessous.

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It is rudimentary, it has 8 criteria age, size, geographical proximity, minimum educational level, smoking, number of children at home, origin and religion. Thus, it is impossible not to view profiles without pictures or without text as you can see below.

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Critères de recherche sur Meetic Affinity Search criteria on Meetic Affinity Il est impossible de faire des recherches en utilisant la plupart des critères mentionnés dans les profils détaillés.

It is impossible to look for someone using most of the criteria mentioned in the detailed profiles. Avis site de rencontre meetic affinity, this part of the profile contains relatively little information illustrations take quite a lot of room as you can see below.

You get the same kind of list that previously with some sort criteria age, level of affinity, recency of the registration as you can see below. Dans le cas contraire, je vous conseille plutôt Meetic et AdopteUnMec. La multiplication de ce genre de site les rend individuellement moins efficaces.

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As a conclusion, Meetic Affinity stands out compared to other affinity dating websites but not compared to other classical general dating websites. In my humble opinion, it would be more pertinent to provide a unified solution by adding the affinity test into Meetic even if it would require to simplify its GUI beforehand so that the whole remains usable.

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I doubt that men who still and always have to go to the checkout are willing to pay more knowing that a lot of women present on Meetic are already on Meetic Affinity and that it is functionally poorer than its predecessor.

This avis site de rencontre meetic affinity why some of my criticisms are valid for this kind of dating website in general especially concerning the relevance of the questions in the test. Meetic Affinity has the merit of having a clear pricing and a real menu to unsubscribe without the risk of receiving a letter from a debt collection agency.

PlentyOfFish has very few members in France less than a hundred in my age group in Paris metropolitan regionit is a lot more successful overseas.

En fonction des résultats, des membres vous sont suggérés pour faciliter les rencontres intéressantes.

The proliferation of such websites makes them individually less effective. I remain firmly convinced that a free, open and self-managed social network that would give back to citizens the control of their personal data would be more useful that all these creations of merchants ready for anything to protect the goose that lays golden eggs even if it leads avis site de rencontre meetic affinity exploit the emotional distress of the people, to abuse them and to have their tools evolved not to better meet social needs but rather to satisfy their quest for profits without limit.