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I am fond of sports and music, I attended dancing classes from my childhood and sport is an important part of my life.

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I like swimming a lot also and now I have a new hobby — I learn to play tennis. I like animals, especially dogs and love spending time outdoors playing sport games or having picnic.

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I have travelled a lot, mostly in Europe, but now am dreaming to conquer greater distances. My spare time I like to spend in different ways.

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It can be theatre, cinema, some concert, exhibition or just cooking and relaxing at home. Of course, it is nice to share these positive emotions to a partner.

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I am rencontre femme 83500 very loyal person, I get used to rencontre femme 83500 quickly and try keep the connection through years and distances. I am devoted to my family, family is very important in my life and I hope I will create a close-knit family one day myself.

rencontre femme 83500

I am easygoing, friendly and open person, I love people and our world and search for positive things in every person or situation. My profession and major in University is finance, so I have practical thinking and try to find a way out from any situation.

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